Business Scope




Leveraging the internet, big data and artificial intelligence, the GLASE aims to unite efforts to build a super globally connected business community. The core businesses include the GGSC, World Elite Enterprise League, Global Business Leaders Summit and global offices.



The Global Great Sharing Cloud (GGSC) is an online business social media platform for members of the GLASE. It enables global business chambers, business associations and enterprises to have barrier-free interactions and exchanges.


2. World Elite Enterprise League

The GLASE establishes the World Elite Enterprise League based on the World Elite Enterprise Rankings to be released every year, thus promoting the cooperation and mutual success of member entrepreneurs with market cap of over USD 10 billion.


3. Global Business Leaders Summit

GLASE shall host the Global Business Leaders Summit in different cities worldwide on a regular basis to promote the cooperation and mutual success of leading enterprises around the world.


4. Regional Offices

The GLASE has headquarters in 3 regions to provide practical coordination, support and service for member business chambers and entrepreneurs worldwide.