The Global Great Sharing Cloud (GGSC) is the mobile application of the Global Alliance of Sharing Economy (GLASE). It is developed as a freeware and cross-industry service for the exchange and cooperation between business chambers, business associations and member organizations of the GLASE around the world. The GLASE aims to integrate the resources of all regions, business chambers and business associations of different industries, enabling them to form a joint force for business development and win-win cooperation. The GGSC serves as platform for business chambers to achieve barrier-free communication, instant information synchronization and global connectivity for sales and marketing.



1. Build a global O2O platform
2. Realize smooth video conference calls to conduct business negotiations
3. Promote global development of enterprises
4. Only for commercial purposes
5. Be non-governmental



The GGSC operates the resources provided by the globally well-known business chambers and categorize them by region and tier. A two-dimensional management services system is set according to the nature of each chamber and business association. The parallel management sector features meetings, finance, investment, consulting and other operational management services provided by business chambers at the same level. While in the vertical management sector, enterprises under the major business chambers offer self-help, member business management, business card, consulting and other supportive services. The GGSC helps to promote the popularity of each business chambers and business association affiliated to the GLASE and enhance the stickiness and activeness of member enterprises.